【English subtitles】The Petals of Peace~Heiwa no hanabira

May the petals of peace dance around the green earth!

Singer Yuri Mori
Lyrics Mariko Fujisaki
Music Sumiko Kohara
Arragement Akikko Fukumura

My best friend since our college days came to Japan for the first time.
She stayed at my place for two weeks .

She wanted to visit Hiroshima first.
Hiroshima is the city where the first atomic bomb in the world was dropped.

We visited the Atomic Bomb Dome and the Peace Memorial Museum
We were appalled to see all the burnt remains by the atomic bomb
and the pictures displayed there .
My heart was shocked with fear and pain .

I hate wars .
Nobody needs wars .
Wars always make all human beings insane and cruel.

People hurt people. People are hurt by people.
People kill people. People are killed by people.
Whatever the reasons are , which side you are on,
Wars always bring unhappiness and destruction、nothing else.

Whenever I hear the world news these days,
I can sense that another war can erupt at any moment like watching heavy smokes
coming out of a volcano.
I do not want our green earth painted red with blood and sorrow.

I do hope all children laugh and enjoy their childhood.
I do wish all mothers pray with peaceful heart and hope.

May all the peace wishes and prayers become dancing petals
and wrap around the green earth.