【English subtitles】Living In The Present~Ima wo ikiru

Here and Now

Singer Yuri Mori
Lyrics Mariko Fujisaki
Music Sumiko Kohara
Arragement Akikko Fukumura

“Here and Now“ is the phrase that helps guide my life.

My mother used to say this English phrase since I was a small child .
She passed away at the age of 101 four years ago, but
this English phrase still stays deep in my heart.

My mother used to work in a big Christian hospital as a head nurse.
There were some American Christian doctors who were also missionaries.
They taught my mother these English phrase “Here and Now. “

“Here and Now “ were the first English phrase that I learned.

I remember that mother said to me ,
“Don’t waste your precious time by regretting the past
or worrying about tomorrow,
leave everything in God’s hand.
Live right at this moment ,
live here where you are at !”

Since then the phrase “Here and Now “hase been the guidelines of my life .